Recovery for Triathlon

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Recovery for Triathlon


  • During a training session, energy reserves decrease and muscle, bone and tendon tissues are damaged. Consequently, you will be "less good" after training than before. However, in the period following the training session, your body recovers and then progresses to be ready for the next training session.
  • If the recovery time between sessions is too long, the body regresses and returns to its initial state. This is detraining.
  • If the recovery time is too short, your body does not have time to recover. This is overtraining.

Types of recovery:

  • There are three types of recovery: sleep, passive rest and active rest.


  • When you sleep the nervous system recovers better. Furthermore, your brain needs sleep to function correctly and, in addition, many hormones that are essential for the satisfactory functioning of the body have a production cycle connected with sleep or the day-night rhythm.
  • We all have different sleep requirements but it is important to abide by the following rules: sleep enough, sleep at night, always go to bed and get up at the same time.

Passive rest:

  • By passive rest, I mean waiting for the body to recover all by itself without doing anything to help it.
  • This method is not very efficient.

Active rest:

  • There are several ways of getting active rest: food, massages, stretching, short and light training sessions, yoga, hypnosis, etc..
  • By taking active rest, you can greatly reduce the recovery time between training sessions and thus progress much more quickly.
  • Massages help to relax muscles and to promote the elimination of waste produced in the body during tough training sessions.
  • Short, light training sessions have a similar effect.


  • The body only makes progress when recovering.

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